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Your vote is needed at the Uptown Planners Special Election!

When and where can you vote?

Saturday, September 2, Mission Hills/Hillcrest Library, Noon – 2:00 pm

Tuesday, September 5, Joyce Beers Community Center, 4:00 – 7:00 pm

Bring these essential documents:

Driver’s license or other official photo ID.

IF you live in Uptown: IF your ID does not show your Uptown address ALSO bring a lease, utility bill, or similar proof of residence.

IF you own or operate a for-profit business or non-profit organization: Bring proof of ownership, such as a property tax bill or business license. 

We Continue To Be Your Voice
The Uptown for All Candidate: Mat Wahlstrom

Stand up for changes leading to truly affordable and appropriate housing developments, including fighting to stop or modify
ill-conceived “mega-projects” currently being pushed without sufficient respect for community impacts. Learn more about our candidates’ stand on current pressing issues.

Your vote matters. You can have an impact, we need more voices of reason on Uptown Planners! Help us to make our shared vision a reality: We need you AND your neighbors’ support.

So please get the word out & VOTE!

As individuals, we may not always agree on every issue. However, we always listen and work for developments and projects that are right for our neighborhoods. Please consider joining us!

● We don’t believe in just rubber-stamping plans or projects as proposed.

● We represent your concerns as residents and local business owners.

● We pay attention to details in the present and history from the past to avoid mistakes affecting our future.

● We counter dogmatism with pragmatism about change, growth, housing, parking, parks, and transportation.

As an all-volunteer organization, we rely on donations from supporters for our efforts.

We are an unincorporated community association with a bank account registered in our name, and maintain tight internal controls on spending. You can be sure that 100% of all contributions go directly to web hosting, advertising, printing, and mailing — not overhead for personnel or office space. 

So please, consider making a donation through the PayPal link below, or by mailing a check payable to Uptown for All, 325 W Washington St #2251, San Diego, CA 92103.