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Promoting community input on land use and development in Uptown, San Diego

2023 Uptown Planners Election Guide

Responsible Growth

√ Livable Neighborhoods

Thriving Businesses

An #UptownforAll!

We don’t believe in just rubber-stamping plans or projects as proposed.

We represent your concerns as residents and local business owners.

We pay attention to details in the present and history from the past to avoid mistakes affecting our future.

We counter dogmatism with pragmatism about change, growth, housing, parking, parks, and transportation.

As individuals, we may not always agree on every issue. However, we always listen and work for developments and projects that are right for our neighborhoods. Please consider joining us!

2023 Uptown Planners Election

Uptown Planners is the Community Planning Group whose elected board members represent you to the City of San Diego on issues of land use in the neighborhoods of Bankers Hill/Park West, Hillcrest, Medical Center, Middletown, Mission Hills, and University Heights (west of Park Blvd).

In March 2023, there are 13 candidates for the 8 seats currently open on the board. If you live or own property or a business in these neighborhoods, please vote for the 8 Uptown for All candidates on the downloadable flyer above, whom you can read more about next.

Meet Our Eight 2023 Uptown for All Candidates for Uptown Planners

Susan Blackwell
Lives in University Heights and, building on her volunteer activism, will help our board to identify our growing population’s needs for parks and transportation services.
Jason Frye
Lives in Hillcrest and, as a renter and engaged community member, will bring common sense respect for multiple perspectives to our board.
Juli Hyde
Lives in Mission Hills and, knowing all of Uptown and its infrastructure needs well, will bring balanced leadership concerning historic preservation to our board.
Don Liddell
Lives in Bankers Hill, previously served on the board, worked as a lawyer, and will help our board to punch above its weight with the powers that be.
Blake Peterson
Lives in Hillcrest near University Heights, works in Mission Hills, and will apply a realtor’s informed realism when reviewing proposals that come before our board.
Clifford Weiler
Lives in Mission Hills, always fights the good fight, and will use his experience as a lawyer to apply logic on our board, promoting community needs and preferences.
Jim Walsh
Lives in Bankers Hill and, as a longtime Uptown resident and local business owner, will encourage our board to favor positive change and smart development.
Susan White
Lives in Bankers Hill, and, as a longtime community volunteer, will advocate on our board for community canyon protection and truly affordable housing.

Support Our Efforts

As an all-volunteer organization, we rely on donations from supporters for our efforts.

We are an unincorporated community association with a bank account registered in our name, and maintain tight internal controls on spending. You can be sure that 100% of all contributions go directly to web hosting, advertising, printing, and mailing — not overhead for personnel or office space.

So please, consider making a donation through the PayPal link below, or by mailing a check payable to Uptown for All, 325 W Washington St #2251, San Diego, CA 92103.

Thank you!

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